Fresh is best

Saturdays are for fishing in the Kraken house. Mr. Kraken got up early and took the boat out on this glorious winter’s day. The sea was rough but Mr. Kraken has got great sea legs the choppy waves didn’t spoil his trip but one greenhorn lacked the sea legs and gave back seemingly all his body could to the deep blue sea (sea sickness sucks). Mr. Kraken and his crew ventured out to the secret spot, rigged up the rod with the Noeby 9000 reel and the custom made red suicide J hooks.  They dropped the lines and it wasn’t before long and the fish started biting and Mr. Kraken and his fellow salty seadogs reeled in a great catch. They brought back an abundant variety of fish: dhufish, pink and queen snapper, breaksea cod and skippy.


Most of the fish Mr. Kraken catches get vacuumed packed and put in the freezer for later. For the fish that won’t freeze well Mrs. Kraken uses it up on the day and cooks up something scrumptious with it. There are no second rated fish in the Kraken house, most fish can be cooked into something enjoyable one just has to think outside the box. Fish can be so much more than deep fried in beer batter and served with chips although a good option to Mr. Kraken.


Tonight skippy sushi is on the menu. If prepared right fresh skippy is delicious. Once the fish is cleaned and filleted all the red meat should be cut off the fish filets. The red meat on the filets gives the fish a gamey flavor and should be removed. Mrs. Kraken cut the skippy filets into strips and rolled them into nori sheets with rice, avocado and carrot. Skippy works fantastic in sushi as it has got a subtle fish flavor and firm texture. The avocado and carrot complement it quite well for a textural balance. Add some wasabi, soy sauce and sesame oil and there you have it: enjoy your fresh skippy sushi.